A Day in the Life

By: Elizabeth McDonald

20 Nov- Today, I got up around 6, got dressed and had a typical breakfast of gallo pinto, scrambled eggs, pineapple and toast. I walked the 25 minutes to the gym and proceeded to do cardio for half an hour. I showered and got ready at the gym and then walked to school, which only takes about 15 minutes. It’s almost always very sunny, hot and humid on the walk so, as usual, I show up at ICADS, drenched in sweat. Today was the day of our Spanish final, so for the brief minutes before class starts, I eat the remaining of my pineapple from breakfast and help some others prepare for their test. At 9, the bell rings, signaling the start of class. My class of Marta, Lyn, Marin and Gustavo (our teacher) make our way to the garden and shortly after began our exam. I would say the test was fair, covering exactly what we had covered the past 5 weeks. After the exam, we had a quick meeting with Roxanna (our activities coordinator at ICADS) about the options of activities at Arenal this coming weekend. As usual, we had 2 hours for lunch so Laurie, Gabe and I decided to go to an Italian restaurant 5 minutes away. The food was delicious and we spent the rest of our time there finishing homework for our class that afternoon. Our society and culture class started at 2 and for the first half, we sat in a circle and discussed the readings and our interviews from the other day. We had a 20 minute break, where we all had the chance to get something to eat or drink. For the second half, we watched a very moving documentary about Nicaraguans in Costa Rica. After class ended, it was raining as we all made our way home. I took the bus which only costs about ₡340 and takes about 10 minutes, if there’s not too much traffic. When I got home around 5:30, I was greeted by my host mom, Elizabeth and her husband, Ronald. We ate a typical dinner of chicken, vegetables, rice and, of course, plantains. I chatted with my host family for a bit as one of their favorite game shows “El Combate” played in the background. After dinner, I took a taxi to the gym so I could do “leg day” with Gabe and Laurie. We went to a restaurant nearby after our workout and I got tres leches, which was delicious. I walked home and quickly packed for the weekend, before falling into bed. I let the soothing rain and calming orange streetlight outside by window lull me to sleep. Just another day in the life.


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