Feliz Navidad

By: Jack Kapes

After the bus dropped us off at ICADs and I bean to walk home, I sighed. It had been a long day. Some others and I had headed out to the pool that morning and got soaked. It’s not only the pool that got us wet but the rain did as well. It rained nearly every moment of our weekend trip to the volcano. Anyway, after the 3-4 hour bus ride home I was beat. Once I arrived at the bus stop outside of Fidelitas Universidad I plopped down upon the bench and waited. The street was quieter this evening and of the busses I saw, most were near empty. I was optimistic, maybe the ride home tonight would be low key and I’d be able to get home quicker. But once the bus arrived I couldn’t help but slouch over. The bus was packed and we had to stop at every stop before mine. I got off I slugged back to my home, fiddled with the gate and spent nearly a minute trying to open the front door. After getting the door open, I leaned against the door and closed my eyes. As the door swung open, the sounds of the television came upon be and I heard bells jingling. I opened my eyes and was taken aback. The house had Christmas decorations scattered throughout the entire place and the furniture had been moved about. Where the television once sat now stands the christmas tree, packed with decorations, flashing lights and the kitchen now had holiday themed place mates and seating pads. As I stepped into the room my mother came over and muttered “pobrecito” and put her arms around me. She took my backpack and led me to the kitchen. There I ate some rice, beans and tomatoes while we talked about the weekend and watched the Wolverine on fox. The decorations continued throughout my house and there are even some in my room and the bathroom too. To be honest, during the weekend trips I get a bit home sick, not of my family back in the states but for my family in San Jose. Well, it’s good to be back home, back in my freshly made bed and back with my family.

Picture from my place

(Sorry about the Christmas tree, It’s usually lit up)




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