Mis Hermanos

By: Marta Djalleta

Growing up with a big sister and being one of the youngest out of my cousins, I was never around little kids that much. I’ve had a couple babysitting jobs here and there, but young hyperactive children are not normally my cup of tea. As appealing as a non tax-deductible income sounds, I often find myself offering my babysitting jobs to friends. This is all in the best interest of the family as I am honestly much more inclined to turn on a movie, than to come up with creative activities to keep the kids busy.

Coming to Costa Rica, I didn’t know how I would feel about having two little brothers. However, contrary to my past, I have never met cooler kids. Javi, 13, and Fabi, 9, have easily become the best little Ticos that I have met in Costa Rica. On most days when I come home from school, Fabi and I watch TV together, which often leads to us laughing over bad Disney Channel humor. While watching TV, Fabi loves to bring out his plethora of board games for us to play together. This past Thursday, we played one of his favorites, Uno, as well as a new favorite that I taught him, war, or guerra, in Spanish. No matter the game, it gets very competitive, and some turn to cheating, never me of course. However, we kept our common ground over our mutual love for the song Animals by Maroon 5 and listened to it during our game to keep us calm. Javi and I spend the most time together when I help him with his English homework, which ends up turning into us giggling at each other’s mispronunciation of words in our non-native languages, as well as my cluelessness of fancy grammatical English terms.

Whether it’s TV, board games, or homework help, it has been an unexpected pleasure to have two hyperactive little brothers, and I can’t imagine my Costa Rican experience to be half as enjoyable without them.

*Pictured below is Fabi during our intense game session this past Thursday :)*



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