New People I’ve Met in Costa Rica This Week

By: Laurie Heggedal

  1. Elise, the doctor that I went to see last Monday when I fainted and from whom I learned the differences between Costa Rican and American common medicinal practices.
  1. Andrea, a friend of my host family who stayed with us for a few days to help with the installation of new flooring.
  1. A Nicaraguan family that Marta, Jack, and I interviewed for our Society and Culture class, which focuses on the migration of Nicaraguans and the relationship between them and Costa Ricans.
  1. Christina, a worker at McDonald’s who chats with Gabe and I when we go there to utilize the free WiFi to do our homework. She is probably the peppiest McDonald’s worker I have ever met!
  1. Francisco, the guide that Anthony and Elizabeth and I had while horseback riding near Volcano Arenal who told me about growing up in La Fortuna and the tourist business that he grew up with. The two of us are now friends on Facebook.





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