One Week Left

By: Jill Salvucci

It feels like just yesterday I was hugging my family goodbye right before getting on a plane to Denver, Colorado. About to meet fifteen strangers who probably had no idea I was even part of their cohort until I showed up in an Elon tshirt at the designated meeting spot. I had no idea what it was I was getting myself into. All I knew was I was going to be spending the next month in the wilderness. I never thought that the day would come where I would be exiting the Wind River Range. However, here I am with NOLS and service completed and one week left of Costa Rica.

The time has gone by faster than anything I can think of. From day one I never thought I would make it to where I am right now, sometimes I have to slap myself because I think I am dreaming. We as a group have accomplished so much and to think that there is only one week left of our
gap experience is a serial thought. We have all changed in great ways and I am very excited to take what it is I have learned to Elon (but after a much needed month long break of course). This last week is going to fly by and it’s going to be so weird to say goodbye.

I don’t exactly know what is going to happen next after gap, except heading to campus, but I have no doubt that whatever it is I am going to make the most of it. That is what the gap experience is all about making the most of what is in front of you. ¡Pura Vida!


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