A Little Gap Vacation

By: Jill Salvucci

This week was the final weekend of Gap. This is a weekend I really never saw coming. It really does not feel like the semester should be ending, that is how fast this whole experience went by. We ended our semester with a fantastic trip to Manuel Antonio, where we stayed at a beautiful resort on the beach. As a group we swam, ate a wonderful thanksgiving meal, fought off raccoons, and relaxed on the warm sand. However, before we could get to this point of relaxation we had a couple of things to accomplish first.
1. NOLS. Before we could imagine the fact that we were heading to the beach, we spent a couple weeks in the wilderness. There we learned how to not just be leaders but active followers. We learned how to depend on each other and trust that as a group we could successfully make it out of the Wind River Range.
2. Service-Learning: Costa Rica was in sight but maybe not the beach. Service-learning is where we as a group learned how to not just perform community service but to learn how to truly serve the people in need. We learned not to just do our jobs then leave for the day, but instead to learn from the people we are serving, truly understand what it is we are doing.
3. Costa Rica: We made it here! We saw the last weekend on our calender says “day at the beach”! However, it was six weeks away. Before that beach day we needed to experience the Costa Rican culture. Live with host families, tour the country, and learn spanish at the same time. Once we have accomplished every single activity planned and have immersed
ourselves in the culture, only then can we go to the beach.

Well now even our beach weekend is over. Tomorrow is our last official day of Gap (not counting the travel days). To think that it is really over is serial. However, we have made some amazing memories along to way that will stay with us forever. Good luck Gap 2016! I hope that you all enjoy your semester just as much as we did!


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