Hold On

By: Andrew Novinski

How can it be over? A family formed over 3 months will be disbanded and sent off in all different directions to their home and we wont see each other for a month. It’s a weird feeling. We have shared experiences every single day of the entire week for over 3 months straight and now we all get on planes and go home.

I am so excited to go home and I miss my family so much! The last morning I was in Manuel Antonio, I was laying in bed waiting to check out because all I could think about was getting closer to home. All of the sudden my friend comes in and begs me to come down to the beach one last time. I was in my clothes for the bus ready to leave and I am practically forced to move. I caved and decided to go, and I had a great last swim. As we were leaving the beach I stopped and sat down to appreciate the view one last time and moments from the past semester were running through my head. It hits you differently each day and right then and there was when I realized this was the last weekend I will have with 15 incredible people. Sure we will see each other around campus and get together every now and then, but never in the same way as any point in our Gap Semester.

On the bus ride back to San Jose I was thinking about this the entire time. I was having mixed feelings because I really do want to go home, but it saddens me that we are all going to be parting ways soon. I may be exaggerating this a little, but the past semester has been one of the most impacting things in my life and never will I do anything like it ever again.

It has been a rather abrupt ending to such a wonderful experience but listening to friends bring back very detailed memories from months ago gives me hope that this family formed of 15 unique individuals is going nowhere.

God bless the Gap Semester Squad of 2015!!

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