Next Stop: Elon

By: Lyn Nelson

Although there is no better way to ending a 4-month journey than by taking a sunset cruise out into beautiful coasts of Costa Rica with your 14 other classmates, an ending to a long journey can be bitter sweet. As the hours I have left in Costa Rica are dwindling, I have a mix of so many emotions, similar to those that I felt when we first arrived.  I’m realizing my desire to stay here in San Jose is the most prevalent. How is it possible that I only have a day left to go back to Plaza De Sol for one last chocolate croissoint, say goodbye to the friends I have made, and take in the beautiful mountainous views that I will not see when I get back home!

Despite the fact my mom scheduled my wisdom teeth appointment the day after I arrive, I know there is plenty to look forward to when I get home! I’ll get to see my lovely mom and dad, friends that I haven’t seen since graduation, plus I’ll be able to drive around whenever I want! Yet I know that in a few days it’s going to hit me that our gap semester has officially come to an end. I’m not home for a week frantically packing for another leg of the journey, I’m home for good.

In reality our journey will never truly end. In a month, we’ll be moving into our separate dorms and going on our separate ways, but it makes me happy to know that we have each other for the next four years! It’s been great gap semester! Next stop: Elon!


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