Thank You

By: Henry Bost

Wow, here I sit, only a few hours away from getting on the bus to go to the airport. I could write about my recent experiences with my host family or our trip this weekend to Manuel Antonio (which was totally bomb!). But I’m not. Instead I’d like to say thank you to Elizabeth Coder for being the coolest, savviest, best prepared, most mature (while still maintaining a remarkable aura of youth) group leader we could have asked for. Her skills are truly noteworthy and I don’t think Gap would have been anywhere near as good without her. Also thank you to my fellow students. You guys were all amazing and brought something special and unique to the dynamic. I can honestly say that each and every one of you possesses inside yourself at least one quality that I find admirable. Many of you more… But anyway, thank you all. It has been a wild, insane, and challenging journey but y’all always had each others backs and that type of support system made it all just a little bit easier to deal with. I’ll never forget this incredible journey and I can’t wait to see you guys on campus (in small doses).

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