A List of Unexpectedly Difficult Things About College

By: Laurie Heggedal

  1. Being social with Elon students other than the ones with whom I spent the entirety of the past four months with on the Gap Semester Experience.
  1. Getting sick and not having my parents (or Elizabeth Coder) to bring me food, medication, and disinfecting wipes.
  1. Attempting to gain the motivation needed to finally wash my bed sheets.
    1. Then, putting those freshly washed sheets back on my unstable, lofted bed that is five feet above the ground, because it literally takes half-an-hour of sweaty determination.
  1. Paying attention in my Public Speaking class, while my professor’s guide dog – an adorable, five-year-old black Labrador named Cocoa – meanders around the students’ desks during lectures in hope of getting belly rubs and treats.
  1. Understanding that North Carolina is not as equipped to handle snow and ice as North Dakota, so when winter weather comes (which it has twice in the past month), classes are canceled and the campus is shut down for conditions that North Dakotans would find amusing.
  1. Having enough time for all of the activities that I am a part of, and hope to be a part of, on Elon’s campus, including: Elon Volunteers! Linking Generations Program, Student Government Association, and the service fraternity called Alpha Phi Omega.




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