Comfortable and Content

By: Marin Williams

It has been almost 6 weeks since I have arrived, and it is hard to believe how fast I have integrated into campus. I am continually amazed how comfortable and content I am with life on campus. During the first semester, I was slightly concerned that I would not be able to fit in to campus, but I was very wrong. Elon has such a variety of organizations you can join and participate apart of that I am kicking myself for signing up for so many things at the organization fair. Since arriving to campus, I have already signed up for Elon Volunteers, the LEAD program, yoga club, a summer study abroad program, interviewed for a New Student Orientation Leader, and I plan to apply for Periclean Scholars, tryout for the club volleyball team, and rush a Christian sorority! Like the eager Freshman I am, I am trying so many new things and meeting incredible people that I wouldn’t have otherwise. My transition to campus has not been without some stumbling blocks, but I am becoming happier by the day with my busy schedule and challenging classes. I am excited to see how I will change and grow as the semester continues.


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