Living on Elon’s Campus Feels Like Home

By: Lyn Nelson

The informative gap “elevator” speeches have finally ceased, and my identity on campus is no longer “the dazed and confused gap student.” This isn’t to say I don’t dearly miss gap, or that I am not proud of experiences I have accumulated under my belt- this is to say that living on Elon University’s campus feels like home.

Although given an abundance of campus transitions and organizations I have been fortunate enough to attend- not a day goes by where I’m not reminded of gap. In fact being able to physically distance myself from the gap family, has allowed me to think about gap in a different perspective.

Now that I am actually living at Elon, I can reflect upon my previous experiences and analyze those experiences with the recent knowledge I have gained from living within the rest of the Elon community.

These are the experiences that continue to help me develop and thrive as an individual here on campus!

And although I no longer see the same 15 people every day of my life, the gap family will continue to live on as we take all of those wonderful experiences and connect them to our three remaining years on campus.



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