“Real College”

By: Gabe Thornton

Hey Gap Blog. It’s been a while. Last time I wrote for you it was 70 degrees and breezy and I was about to catch a plane back to the states. That feels like ages ago honestly. But here I am, sitting in Belk Library on campus. Actually in college. Writing on my very own laptop. In real college. Not in the mountains on a piece of scrap paper. But let’s discuss that statement, “real college”.

I say “real” college playfully of course because, in all fairness, I think the Gap Program was real college. College should be a time of experience and growth. These years are prime for development as a young adult. Or so my topical approach to lifespan development teacher tells me.  As I sit in a sea of psych majors typing away notes vigorously at their mac-books, pondering how inexplicable it is that the past 3 months of my life happened “attending” the very same school I now find myself. How can that experience be labeled teasingly by all my friends back home as fake college? Shouldn’t college be the name associated with the most educational and life changing sequence of events given my two experiences so far?

I’ll allow that I’m still new to campus, and maybe the shift in scenery and comfort has brought about my pessimistic side, but I can’t help not wonder how truly worthwhile what I’m doing her is in comparison to what I did last fall. If only every semester was so invaluable to my education.

That’s where I stand. To reference Plato it’s as if I left the cave and saw a glimpse of light. Now I feel I’m back inside and wondering how best to get out again. But hope is not lost. Dear blog reader don’t you worry about me. If this is a transition blog, then let it be a transition to the rest of my life. Maybe I feel boxed in to a degree, but it is important to note this university is a springboard to what I will truly enjoy. I’m not sad that I’m here nor am I despairing at the prospect of 3 more years. Instead I’m looking forward to feeling how I felt on Gap again. I’m looking forward to adventure and inspiration as a young adult. Until then I can only make sure I’m as best equipped as possible with my resources and friends to make that happen. Because to limit my growth through experience to the standard of the Gap program would be to limit my life in its entirety. So here’s to finding new adventures, even if they aren’t in the middle of the mountains again just yet.

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