An Ode to Midterms

By: Marin Williams

The feeling started slow and then quickly escalated

Now I realized this semester I shouldn’t have procrastinated

I cannot ignore the due dates any longer

Now is not the time to ‘hit the gym’ to get stronger.

You can throw a tantrum, cry, or put up a fuss

But I promise it won’t help, midterms are upon us.

Hair is graying, paper is ripping, kids are crying in the hall


Sweatpants are the uniform; “Im going to fail” is the new phrase

All my nails have been chewed off, and I haven’t seen my roommate in three days

No more Netflix, parties, or late-night Cookout runs

Don’t try to distract me! I have to get this presentation done.

Staying up until three and then waking up at eight,

My Spanish test is on Tuesday, would it be that bad if I used Google translate?

And for all the students all semester who have been under the weather

Finally showing up to class, “wait Frankie we have calculus together?”

But amongst all of this the storm is almost over

I am focused now on staying calm and keeping my composure

I actually am very excited, I really cannot wait.

For there is only a few more days until Spring Break.


Quite a Lot

By: Anthony Fraden

I’ve been able to do quite a lot in my time here at Elon so far. I’ve been keeping myself busy in the school’s MakerHub which has allowed me to learn a lot about how 3D printer’s work, the myriad of software programs that allow me to edit and create my own designs, and several other facets of building things from e-textiles to virtual reality programs. Also in my Beginning Strings class I’ve been able to make a good amount of progress in learning how to play the violin, and it especially helps that I am the only student who registered to take the course. I’ve been able to learn at a much faster pace than I would have if more students had signed up for it. The engineering course I’m taking has also taught me about the fundamentals of a software called SolidWorks which is used professionally for designing mechanical parts and systems. Aside from classes I’ve also been able to meet new people and do fun things with friends such as going to go see a movie, driving to Cook-Out to get some milkshakes, and baking things in my hall’s kitchen. I’ve also been attending meetings for my summer job of being a facilitator for the First-Year Summer Experience Program. For one week during the summer I’ll be working on campus with three other facilitators to do different service projects in the surrounding Burlington community to get first-year students acquainted with some of their peers and to show them the service opportunities that Elon has to offer. We’re only mid-way through our first semester, but it feels like we’ve been here for quite a long while now. I want to make the rest of the semester equally filled with fun times and plenty of personal growth.

Getting There

By: Andrew Novinski

I have seen myself go up and down over the last several weeks and moods changing about the decisions I am making. I joined the Beta Theta Pi fraternity on campus a couple weeks ago and some days I am excited as ever to get that organization going, but somedays I don’t know if it is the right thing for me. I don’t know if that is the because I am the only one in my family to join a fraternity ever, so maybe I feel a little out of place. However, at the same time I feel as though this bond of brotherhood is what I need and I need to be patient and know the bonding is going to be a very long process. After all, there are 90 of us.

In other news, my classes are going well, nothing I can’t handle. It feels as though the work is continuous and just never stops coming, but I think I have finally gotten down my routine of my schedule and how and when to work ahead. I have also recently gotten a job on campus joining the staff at the registrar’s office and that has lifted a lot of weight off of my shoulders.

This semester is a blast and I am taking in all that I can, but I am more looking forward to being a sophomore and experiencing a fall semester at Elon.

Guiding My Future

By: Lyn Nelson

Housing selections for the upcoming year have already occurred, and class registration for the approaching semester is just around the corner! Oh how the time has flown. No longer am I aimlessly walking around Elon hoping I end up in the correct classroom!

Here we are applying for upcoming study abroad programs, job opportunities, and potential internships that will consume our near futures. With graduation plans due just around the corner, the seemingly repetitive tasks that consume my daily college routine seem to be a bit redundant.

I think back to sitting on top of a mountain we climbed during NOLS. The sun beating down on my face and shoulders as if I were a lizard basking on the rocks. Here it was easy for me to stay grounded because the seemingly repetitive tasks that consumed my daily routine at NOLS were vital to my survival. But here at Elon I have to remember that these tasks are the tasks the are guiding my future, and I am eager to see what the next few years at Elon will entail.

The ‘Lon lifestyle. 5 things I’ve learned so far

By: Eliza Upton

  1. Midwest is BEST (but rare)

Just because I now live in North Carolina does not mean my loyalties have changed. Michigan is still  #1 in freshwater shorelines and #1 in my heart. And I’ve come to learn fast that being from Michigan, the midwest as well, is quite the rarity here at Elon. Ask anyone you bump into on campus where they’re from and there is a high probability that their answer is Boston, or twenty minutes outside of Boston that is. New England and the Patriots rule this school. If our mascot changed to Tom Brady tomorrow, there probably would not be much backlash, and I’m okay with that since the legend himself Hails from University of Michigan. So while my midwestern roots are outnumbered, I’m still, and will always be, singing loud and proud for Ann Arbor. Sorry Gabe.

  1. Acorn cookies can solve any problem

I’ve always had a strong sweet tooth and for days when life is a little more stressful, nothing is better than a cookie from Acorn Coffee Shop. The “Death by Chocolate” cookie fresh out of the oven has become the very real love of my life and the very scary gateway to possibly achieving the freshman fifteen.

  1. My hammock is one of a crowd

On a nice day here, which is pretty much every day now that we’ve entered march, you can find hammocks heavily sprinkled throughout campus. I have yet to find the perfect tree spot for my ENO but I’ve enjoyed the few swings I’ve had so far in various locations, and I love that my ENO is never lonely on these glorious spring days.

  1. Everything is brick…everything

Walk around Elon for just five minutes and you’ll quickly see how much brick is at this school. I knew of the classic Georgian architecture that ruled campus before coming here, but I did not realize the mass amounts of red brick that reside at Elon. Every building is brick, the sidewalks are brick, the houses in neighborhoods nearby are brick…it’s absurd. I have no clue why I often find myself so fixated by this university fun fact, but I do know I wouldn’t mind being a brick salesman for Alamance county.

  1. Southern hospitality is real and just lovely

My favorite thing about this school and North Carolina is how nice everyone is. At the dining halls, workers seem ecstatic to be serving you mashed potatoes and it is impossible to leave without hearing a “Honey, have a wonderful day”. The genuine joie de vivre that everyone has is contagious and makes school so much more enjoyable. It is so nice to be surrounded by such kind and selfless people, and the Acorn workers, the people who hand me those chocolate chip cookies with large smiles on their faces, will always hold a special place in my heart.

The Thing About Gap

By: Elizabeth McDonald

The thing about Gap is that it’s such a unique, almost out of body experience. I would not trade the twenty-four days in the wilderness, four weeks of service-learning and six weeks in Costa Rica for anything. I honestly have some of my best memories from Gap. However, each person has dealt with the transition onto campus differently. There are certain people that I have seen strive in this new environment and I can honestly say I am so happy to have the opportunity of knowing them and being a part of their life. There are others who have struggled more and I’m happy I can be the supportive friend and just sit and listen. The thing about Gap is that it’s not just a semester long commitment. These people are the people that I want to see succeed at my time here at Elon. These people make me want to be better and strive for greatness. I truly want each and every one of them to be doing what makes them happy. I cannot wait to see what journeys life has in store for everyone on Gap.

Top 5 Study Spots at the Belk Library

By: Jack Kapes

5. 3rd Floor, SW corner near the water fountain.

This is a SOLID spot for getting things done. There’s something about that I just can’t explain. A bit too quiet it you ask me though, feels like everyone left and no one told me.

4. 1st Floor, S corner, near the coffee machine.

Never studied here but it looks great. Seating is limited, perfect for quiet studies and it’s in the back of the library, so you won’t get much foot traffic. The only downside is that the windows to sidewalk are outside behind you, so beware if you hate the feeling of people watching you.

3. 3rd Floor, W side, study rooms.

Low-key great space for topics in mathematics and the sciences. Conveniently equipped with little whiteboards which are great for expansive biological processes and statistical studies. It’s next to a walkway but no worries, 3rd floor is quiet so foot traffic is minimal. Only downside, walls are thin so you can hear the guys next door talking about their communications class and the girls on the other side listening to Taylor Swift (which its totally cool but not when I’m trying to study).

2. 2nd Floor, Along the W side, under the balconies

Runner up in my top 5. Tables are great for group work or even individual. They have great natural lighting and you get a view of people walking to classes which is decent. It’s directly below the third floor so noise is not an issue. However, it’s next to a walkway so you get a pretty steady flow of people, but it’t great for those who need a little noise or movements. Only downside is that they fill up quick and outlet access is limited.

1. 2nd Floor, E side, tables with the cool plug in lamps, near the moving shelves.

Hands down the best spot in Belk. Great access to outlets and superior lighting. Be ready to sit next to others but it’s great for staying focused. It’s next to the moving shelves so every once in awhile you’ll get a surprise as almost 30 shelving units move in unison. It is next to the walkway to the restrooms giving it a steady flow of walkers but it’s great for those who need some movement and a bit of noise. I would highly recommend this spot and you can almost always find a place to sit. If you have one of those days where you need to get things done, this is the spot for you.

So yeah, those are the best spots in Belk. Any questions or new spots? Lemme know, I’m always looking for a new study spot.

Words of Advice for Next Year’s Gap Transition

By: Annie Gordon

  1. Don’t let winter term phase you – it’s not what Elon is actually like.
  2. Freshman year is hard and you’ll call your mom more than you thought.
  3. Speaking from experience, don’t wear a lanyard around your neck. It’s a freshman faux pas.
  4. Do not underestimate how windy North Carolina is. Bring your puffy from NOLS. And a wind jacket. And a facemask.
  5. Hang out with your fellow gappers but don’t let them become a social safety blanket.
  6. It can be a rude awakening to be living with new people who don’t approach conflict and setting boundaries that same way you learned to during Gap.
  7. Avoid the second floor girls’ bathroom in Alamance at all costs.
  8. It won’t come together all once – give it around 7-8 weeks.
  9. Those 7-8 weeks and the weeks to come will go by faster than you could ever imagine.
  10. Give yourself credit for the things that are going well.

Signing Up for Housing

By: Jill Salvucci

This year housing was an actual nightmare. It made me miss the days where all I had to
worry about was setting up my tent and laying out my sleeping bag and calling it a night.
However, that is not the case at Elon so you have to be ready. Here are some things to expect when signing up for housing:
1. Have about 7 backup plans: You never know what is going to happen, whether it’s your
roommate backing out on you, the system crashes, or your first second and third choices
for housing are unavailable.
2. Be patient: Your entire class is trying to sign up at once, the system is going to be slow
just accept it.
3. If something does not go your way do not be mean about it: There is only so much
residence life can do, they are just as stressed out as you are! Give them a break if things
are unfair then they will make them fair just be nice about it.
4. Don’t call your parents for help: I called my mom and she was just as clueless as I was.
Your Mom and Dad really are not any help in this process so just rule them out as your
go to helpers for the moment.
5. Lastly, don’t brag: If you get your first choice and someone else did just say what you got
for housing and move on. No need to make people feel bad or frustrated by posting it all
over your social media. It’s a stressful time no don’t make it worse for people.
Follow these steps and housing might be somewhat ok for you. Chances are by the time housingcomes around next year all the kinks will be worked out. If not I wish all the best of luck to you!!


Busy in a New Way

By: Krisandra Provencher

One of the harder aspects of transitioning from Gap to campus was that my schedule was no longer planned for me. I no longer had something from 8 in the morning to 6 at night. I missed the moving around and the constant excitement that we revolved around. But in the last two months, as I have come to find my place on campus, I have developed a new routine and met an amazing group of friends who have opened my eyes to a lot that Elon has to offer. In the last month alone I have started playing racquetball and tennis, and have even joined a co-ed intramural basketball team. I have started going to a club called She’s The First on Tuesday nights, which focuses on female education rights and a feminist club on Wednesday nights called I’m That Girl. In addition, I have become an Orientation Leader and have been prepping to welcome the next Gap cohort to campus on April’s Rising Phoenix Weekend. My life is busy in a new way. Though I no longer have the chance to help communities across the country or to travel across Costa Rica by bus, my life is less than dull. Elon has provided me with so many exciting opportunities and I’m sure that this is only the beginning!


Rising from the Ashes

By: Nathan Hunnicutt


Sitting and waiting –

Waiting for the sky to bloom,

Waiting for the trees to be abloom.


Searching and seeking –

Seeking for knowledge to boom

As the days seem not as gloom.


Reborn and rising

Reborn beneath the tomb,

Rising from the ashes, I shall be exhumed.


Rethinking and enjoying –

Enjoying the fact that I am not the same.

Making a statement – I have a name.