Busy in a New Way

By: Krisandra Provencher

One of the harder aspects of transitioning from Gap to campus was that my schedule was no longer planned for me. I no longer had something from 8 in the morning to 6 at night. I missed the moving around and the constant excitement that we revolved around. But in the last two months, as I have come to find my place on campus, I have developed a new routine and met an amazing group of friends who have opened my eyes to a lot that Elon has to offer. In the last month alone I have started playing racquetball and tennis, and have even joined a co-ed intramural basketball team. I have started going to a club called She’s The First on Tuesday nights, which focuses on female education rights and a feminist club on Wednesday nights called I’m That Girl. In addition, I have become an Orientation Leader and have been prepping to welcome the next Gap cohort to campus on April’s Rising Phoenix Weekend. My life is busy in a new way. Though I no longer have the chance to help communities across the country or to travel across Costa Rica by bus, my life is less than dull. Elon has provided me with so many exciting opportunities and I’m sure that this is only the beginning!


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