Finding Zen in Homes Away From Home

By: Marta Djalleta

Finding Zen in Homes Away From Home

This past summer, I began to do a lot more yoga. Part of my reasoning was to gain some flexibility before my backpacking trip, however I also liked the idea of devoting an hour to your body. Not just forcing physical activity, but really taking the time to simply notice what is going on within your body. Being present on the mat and allowing yourself to indulge in your day moment by moment, rather than constantly thinking about what is going to come next. To my surprise, going to yoga classes in the summer did a lot more for me than helping with my flexibility. Yoga helped me further my ability to focus my mind on the present. These are skills that I took with me through NOLS and the rest of my gap semester.

Marta Pic 1

Although yoga was not always accessible during the semester, I was lucky enough to find a quaint little yoga studio in the last leg of our trip in Costa Rica. Even though the classes were all in Spanish, it was nice to have something familiar in a place that seemed so foreign.

Coming back to Elon, I was happy to find another Yoga home through Elon Yoga Club. Amidst all the new things that I am encountering, which can sometimes be overwhelming, what has been constant is coming back to my mat every Tuesday at 7:15pm. Yoga has allowed me to come back to one familiar place when I’m surrounded by what is unfamiliar.

Marta Pic 2


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