Top 5 Study Spots at the Belk Library

By: Jack Kapes

5. 3rd Floor, SW corner near the water fountain.

This is a SOLID spot for getting things done. There’s something about that I just can’t explain. A bit too quiet it you ask me though, feels like everyone left and no one told me.

4. 1st Floor, S corner, near the coffee machine.

Never studied here but it looks great. Seating is limited, perfect for quiet studies and it’s in the back of the library, so you won’t get much foot traffic. The only downside is that the windows to sidewalk are outside behind you, so beware if you hate the feeling of people watching you.

3. 3rd Floor, W side, study rooms.

Low-key great space for topics in mathematics and the sciences. Conveniently equipped with little whiteboards which are great for expansive biological processes and statistical studies. It’s next to a walkway but no worries, 3rd floor is quiet so foot traffic is minimal. Only downside, walls are thin so you can hear the guys next door talking about their communications class and the girls on the other side listening to Taylor Swift (which its totally cool but not when I’m trying to study).

2. 2nd Floor, Along the W side, under the balconies

Runner up in my top 5. Tables are great for group work or even individual. They have great natural lighting and you get a view of people walking to classes which is decent. It’s directly below the third floor so noise is not an issue. However, it’s next to a walkway so you get a pretty steady flow of people, but it’t great for those who need a little noise or movements. Only downside is that they fill up quick and outlet access is limited.

1. 2nd Floor, E side, tables with the cool plug in lamps, near the moving shelves.

Hands down the best spot in Belk. Great access to outlets and superior lighting. Be ready to sit next to others but it’s great for staying focused. It’s next to the moving shelves so every once in awhile you’ll get a surprise as almost 30 shelving units move in unison. It is next to the walkway to the restrooms giving it a steady flow of walkers but it’s great for those who need some movement and a bit of noise. I would highly recommend this spot and you can almost always find a place to sit. If you have one of those days where you need to get things done, this is the spot for you.

So yeah, those are the best spots in Belk. Any questions or new spots? Lemme know, I’m always looking for a new study spot.


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