Guiding My Future

By: Lyn Nelson

Housing selections for the upcoming year have already occurred, and class registration for the approaching semester is just around the corner! Oh how the time has flown. No longer am I aimlessly walking around Elon hoping I end up in the correct classroom!

Here we are applying for upcoming study abroad programs, job opportunities, and potential internships that will consume our near futures. With graduation plans due just around the corner, the seemingly repetitive tasks that consume my daily college routine seem to be a bit redundant.

I think back to sitting on top of a mountain we climbed during NOLS. The sun beating down on my face and shoulders as if I were a lizard basking on the rocks. Here it was easy for me to stay grounded because the seemingly repetitive tasks that consumed my daily routine at NOLS were vital to my survival. But here at Elon I have to remember that these tasks are the tasks the are guiding my future, and I am eager to see what the next few years at Elon will entail.


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