The ‘Lon lifestyle. 5 things I’ve learned so far

By: Eliza Upton

  1. Midwest is BEST (but rare)

Just because I now live in North Carolina does not mean my loyalties have changed. Michigan is still  #1 in freshwater shorelines and #1 in my heart. And I’ve come to learn fast that being from Michigan, the midwest as well, is quite the rarity here at Elon. Ask anyone you bump into on campus where they’re from and there is a high probability that their answer is Boston, or twenty minutes outside of Boston that is. New England and the Patriots rule this school. If our mascot changed to Tom Brady tomorrow, there probably would not be much backlash, and I’m okay with that since the legend himself Hails from University of Michigan. So while my midwestern roots are outnumbered, I’m still, and will always be, singing loud and proud for Ann Arbor. Sorry Gabe.

  1. Acorn cookies can solve any problem

I’ve always had a strong sweet tooth and for days when life is a little more stressful, nothing is better than a cookie from Acorn Coffee Shop. The “Death by Chocolate” cookie fresh out of the oven has become the very real love of my life and the very scary gateway to possibly achieving the freshman fifteen.

  1. My hammock is one of a crowd

On a nice day here, which is pretty much every day now that we’ve entered march, you can find hammocks heavily sprinkled throughout campus. I have yet to find the perfect tree spot for my ENO but I’ve enjoyed the few swings I’ve had so far in various locations, and I love that my ENO is never lonely on these glorious spring days.

  1. Everything is brick…everything

Walk around Elon for just five minutes and you’ll quickly see how much brick is at this school. I knew of the classic Georgian architecture that ruled campus before coming here, but I did not realize the mass amounts of red brick that reside at Elon. Every building is brick, the sidewalks are brick, the houses in neighborhoods nearby are brick…it’s absurd. I have no clue why I often find myself so fixated by this university fun fact, but I do know I wouldn’t mind being a brick salesman for Alamance county.

  1. Southern hospitality is real and just lovely

My favorite thing about this school and North Carolina is how nice everyone is. At the dining halls, workers seem ecstatic to be serving you mashed potatoes and it is impossible to leave without hearing a “Honey, have a wonderful day”. The genuine joie de vivre that everyone has is contagious and makes school so much more enjoyable. It is so nice to be surrounded by such kind and selfless people, and the Acorn workers, the people who hand me those chocolate chip cookies with large smiles on their faces, will always hold a special place in my heart.


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