The Thing About Gap

By: Elizabeth McDonald

The thing about Gap is that it’s such a unique, almost out of body experience. I would not trade the twenty-four days in the wilderness, four weeks of service-learning and six weeks in Costa Rica for anything. I honestly have some of my best memories from Gap. However, each person has dealt with the transition onto campus differently. There are certain people that I have seen strive in this new environment and I can honestly say I am so happy to have the opportunity of knowing them and being a part of their life. There are others who have struggled more and I’m happy I can be the supportive friend and just sit and listen. The thing about Gap is that it’s not just a semester long commitment. These people are the people that I want to see succeed at my time here at Elon. These people make me want to be better and strive for greatness. I truly want each and every one of them to be doing what makes them happy. I cannot wait to see what journeys life has in store for everyone on Gap.

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