An Ode to Midterms

By: Marin Williams

The feeling started slow and then quickly escalated

Now I realized this semester I shouldn’t have procrastinated

I cannot ignore the due dates any longer

Now is not the time to ‘hit the gym’ to get stronger.

You can throw a tantrum, cry, or put up a fuss

But I promise it won’t help, midterms are upon us.

Hair is graying, paper is ripping, kids are crying in the hall


Sweatpants are the uniform; “Im going to fail” is the new phrase

All my nails have been chewed off, and I haven’t seen my roommate in three days

No more Netflix, parties, or late-night Cookout runs

Don’t try to distract me! I have to get this presentation done.

Staying up until three and then waking up at eight,

My Spanish test is on Tuesday, would it be that bad if I used Google translate?

And for all the students all semester who have been under the weather

Finally showing up to class, “wait Frankie we have calculus together?”

But amongst all of this the storm is almost over

I am focused now on staying calm and keeping my composure

I actually am very excited, I really cannot wait.

For there is only a few more days until Spring Break.

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