Quite a Lot

By: Anthony Fraden

I’ve been able to do quite a lot in my time here at Elon so far. I’ve been keeping myself busy in the school’s MakerHub which has allowed me to learn a lot about how 3D printer’s work, the myriad of software programs that allow me to edit and create my own designs, and several other facets of building things from e-textiles to virtual reality programs. Also in my Beginning Strings class I’ve been able to make a good amount of progress in learning how to play the violin, and it especially helps that I am the only student who registered to take the course. I’ve been able to learn at a much faster pace than I would have if more students had signed up for it. The engineering course I’m taking has also taught me about the fundamentals of a software called SolidWorks which is used professionally for designing mechanical parts and systems. Aside from classes I’ve also been able to meet new people and do fun things with friends such as going to go see a movie, driving to Cook-Out to get some milkshakes, and baking things in my hall’s kitchen. I’ve also been attending meetings for my summer job of being a facilitator for the First-Year Summer Experience Program. For one week during the summer I’ll be working on campus with three other facilitators to do different service projects in the surrounding Burlington community to get first-year students acquainted with some of their peers and to show them the service opportunities that Elon has to offer. We’re only mid-way through our first semester, but it feels like we’ve been here for quite a long while now. I want to make the rest of the semester equally filled with fun times and plenty of personal growth.


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