Not a Superhuman Mountaineer

By: Juliana Siler

I think it is expected that when you come out of the Wind River Mountain Range, you’re supposed to be a different person than you were at the start. However, I don’t think I’ve changed, not really. I’m not a super human mountaineer, quite the opposite in fact. I’m still a picky eater. I still hate bugs. If I have changed it’s on a micro level rather than a macro level because I have yet to see a difference. While I can’t say that I’ve changed, I can say that I’ve learned about the people around me, my own vulnerabilities, the mountains themselves, a lot of things. Of those I think the most important is that I have learned about those around me. We entered the Winds as 15 people that barely knew each other on a surface level. I can say that as a whole I know the group on a deeper, more personal level. From the late night tent talks that several of my tent mates and I shares where we told each other bits and pieces of our stories, our favorite things (I said tacos, no regrets), and people we miss. To conversations we have while gasping for breath on the side of Whiskey Mountain, I have truly come to know these people. While I can’t say that this is my favorite way to spend 26 days, it is well worth it for the meaningful moments I’ve made with my new friends.

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