Style or Survival

By: Angelo Boone

Spending two weeks in the wilderness has taught me a lot. I feel like any extended period of time without a phone and away from home presents a unique opportunity for enlightenment and growth that is otherwise locked up by the business of everyday life. I’ve come to realize that living out in the wilderness can be come with style or through survival. It is not hard to live with style when I am surrounded by great people, learning awesome things, and having an amazing time. Everyone that goes out on a NOLS course is faced with adversity at some point or another. When adversity strikes, the hardest battle to win is the internal battle, not the external one. I have learned that if you can keep control of your mind and heart, you can take control of your destiny.

I am having an amazing time. I am learning countless things about subjects that range from fly fishing to first aid that I will be able to take with me far beyond this course. The weather has been incredible and I can’t wait to tell my family and friends about all the cool things I have done and seen. The views in the Northern Winds are breathtaking and I have been trying to capture some of the beautiful moments with a camera, but I am sure that the pictures will do no justice.

So much is to be learned within these next few weeks and I intend on appreciating every moment as it comes. Soon my journey will come to an end and all I will have to look back on are the lessons I’ve learned and the memories I’ve made. I hope to maintain my positivity as the days become more challenging and the nights become much colder.


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