The Positivity in which You Seek

By: Nate Jones

The days themselves are beautiful. Magnificent trees of all different types are spread as far as the eyes can see. During the hikes there are moments of unforgettable silence. Gazing at the landscape mother nature sings its lullaby of bird’s chirping, wind whistling through the trees, water rushing peacefully in the creeks, and so much more. The silence is interrupted by a joke or an educational fact or most frequently by groups poorly harmonizing to sing our favorite songs together. Taking a closer look at us you would see sickness spreading like forest fire, individuals battling pre-existing injuries, and little by little positive morale slipping through their fingers. The mornings are cold. So cold your fingers can barely move to light the stove for coffee or apple cider, let alone breakfast. This is when moral is arguably at it’s lowest for most. There is under two weeks left and after two evacuations within three days it is obvious some believe they won’t be able to make it. I’ll admit the thought has crossed my mind a few times, but I know sometimes all it takes to be invincible is to believe that you are such. It is true in life that if you want to accomplish what others believe impossible-you must become the positivity in which you seek.


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