A Day in the Life of a Gap Student

By: Sammy Johnson

Being an Elon gap student requires two skills, patience and the ability to fall asleep in any situation. To be able to fall asleep in a church common room while everyone is free-versing songs on a piano has proven to be very easy, then to wake up at 6:17am before your entire group and roll up an inflatable sleeping pad in the complete dark making no noise is now a mastered skill for me. Now, gathering everyone together to leave in the vans in an hour challenges your level of patience. You have to clean the bathrooms, wash the dirty dishes, pack the food and luggage, then finally make a last-call bathroom break without screaming at each other to either hurry up or simply wake up. By that point you better be ready to sit in a crowded van for hours with no service on your cell phone. Four hours in to the drive you begin to hope for a bathroom and snack stop. The minutes tick by until you finally reach your destination for the night, most likely a local church. If you can survive an entire day of tests to your patience and sleep schedule, you might be able to survive a gap semester.

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