Back Country to Front Country

By: Angelo Boone

I learned a lot from my month long experience in the Wind River Mountain Range.
Transferring back to the front country definitely had its ups and downs. Some of the things that were challenging were trying to communicate all the things we did effectively. A wide variety of things happened in that month and it seemed impossible to explain everything accurately or get others to grasp what the experiences were actually like. Another tough thing that arose upon my
arrival was the idea of being “present.” Almost a month without phones or electronics forced me and the group to interact and make our own entertainment. Now that everybody has their phones and electronics again it is super easy to “clockout” and not pay any attention to anyone else. I have found that our electronics in moderation are very useful and fun, but can quickly turn into a
handicap for socializing and being present. Of course, returning to the front country meant that big, delicious meals, toilets, music, beds, communication and all the other things people take for granted every day were in reach again. What has been especially cool for me is how many skills from the back country I have been able to bring back with me. Just as we did at NOLS, we will soon be split up into different cook groups. Hopefully the meals I prepare in a frontcountry kitchen will be much better than the ones I learned to cook outside on a whisper stove. One skill
that has been especially useful is the ability to move my “home” quickly and effectively. I have ever in my life slept in so many different place in such a short amount of time. Learning to live in the moment and not taking any cool place or sight for granted has also helped me make the most of my time as a nomadic Gapper.

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