Ten Things I Learned (So Far)

By: Alexa Baer

It’s currently 1:48 AM the Sunday morning that this blog post is due and I still have very little idea of what I want to write about. This week we just traveled and went sight-seeing, nothing monumental (it’s a pun cause we saw national monuments today) happened. So here is a short list of things I’ve learned so far.


Thing #1

You aren’t the only one.

I am a horrible sleeper and that’s something I’ve been self-conscious about since I learned that I talk, moan and snore. Sleeping in a room with 14 other people helped me realize that I’m not the only bad sleeper and other people do weird stuff too.


Thing #2

Long van rides equal weird sleeping positions.

There are always ideal seats for sleeping in a van (the window seat where you can lean on the window) however I was not always fortunate to sit in one of those seats. One time I fell asleep with my legs in the air and my upper body laying across two seats. When E. Coder went to open the door she got an interesting view of my butt and my legs.


Thing #3

Just because you can stay up until 4 AM does not mean you should.

There were many times this week when I have stayed up well past 2 AM. I still got to catch up on sleep in the van but going to sleep before midnight really helps the mornings go smoother.


Thing #4

We are children when it comes to food choices.

The amount of sugar and junk food we consume is unreal. We went through a family size box of frosted flakes and cinnamon toast crunch in one day and an entire pack of Oreos and a box of Scooby snacks in 30 minutes and everyone is always eating pop tarts. (Don’t worry Mom we’re still eating fruits and veggies!)


Thing #5

Sometimes all the boys need is a football.

Neil bought a football and it was literally the best purchase of this entire semester. This one thing keeps all the boys constantly entertained and at almost every stop on the road or after dinner they’ll throw the ball around.


Thing #6

Music is very important.

Music can make or break a car ride and so can music tastes. Some people don’t like Taylor Swift which is understandable but there are others that don’t like Piano Man which is not understandable. Also there are some people in the group that don’t believe in letting songs finish.


Thing #7

Odds is very important.

The amount of times odds is mentioned in an hour is unnatural but it’s such a fun game. The thrill of not having to do something you didn’t wanna do because someone said odds is so amazing. And the amount of crazy things people have had to do because of odds is hysterical. I can’t even remember all of them but a few involve getting tattoos and recent one involved 15 clothespins on someone’s face.


Thing #8

People will judge you for dipping things in icing.

So in my world there’s this great snack that I enjoy pretty often. Some people call it spooey and others call it pretzels dipped in icing. Anyways we got some community pretzels so I bought my self some icing and decided to eat some spooey. Almost everyone in the group was skeptical of the combo but some of them tried it. I think only two of them thought it was good.


Thing #9

Ice cream is still important.

I haven’t really learned anything here I just really love ice cream and ate it for breakfast yesterday.


Thing #10

The people are the best part.

They’re all QTs.


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