By: Tommy Nelson

The group worked in various different gardens this week that had a direct impact on the community.  In the afternoons we worked in small community gardens across the city of St. Louis. These gardens all had different missions in what they were doing, but were all designed to further benefit the community.  The final Garden we worked at on Thursday and Friday afternoon was run by a group of elderly people that lived in the neighboring area.  When we first arrived on Thursday we were told that our afternoon would consist of ripping grass out of the ground in between garden beds. Many of us were ripping grass and roots out of the dirt with our hands because there weren’t enough tools. The work was hard and discouraging, at first I felt like there wasn’t a point in doing what we were doing.  When we returned on Friday I was set to cut the grass on the opposite side of the garden where beds had not been placed yet.  This is when I started to realize the impact of what we were doing there.  Larry, who was one of the elderly garden members, was ecstatic with the work that we were doing.  He said that all the work we were tasks that most of the elderly group members were not able to complete.  He was consistently offering us fruits and vegetables for us to take with us.  By the end of Friday, the garden looked completely different.  Larry was excited that he would now be able to take pictures of the garden, because it was no longer overrun by tall grass and weeds.  The hard work we did in two afternoons completely changed this community’s garden.


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