Day in a Life of a Gap Student in St. Louis

By: Emerson Loria

Dear diary,

Today we woke up at 6:45 AM once again, and that wasn’t the most pleasant since I was up until one in the morning watching the movie “Se7en” with Noah and Brendan.  I got up and got myself dressed and then slowly climbed downstairs since I was still very tired.  When I got downstairs I was greeted by the same people as usual (Carole, Sammy, & Angelo, aka, the only ones who wake up before we’re supposed to) and started to make myself some breakfast.  Then immediately after I start making myself a sandwich for lunch today, and I finally sit down to enjoy my breakfast.  At 7:30 we hop in our vans and drive off to the garden we’ll be working at, during the drive I put in ear buds and listen to the most upbeat music I have to pump me up and actually wake me up.  Luckily the music did the job and by the time we reach our destination I am up and ready to go.  For the first few hours we work on more or less the same things as before at this place, filling wheel barrels, preparing beds for soil, or composting.  We continue to work on this garden until about 11:20 ish and then we have our lunch and that’s it for working at that garden for the day.  The sandwich clearly isn’t enough for me so I had some potato chips, an orange, a banana, and whatever I can get a hold of.  I also spent this time to catch up on social media, my phone’s connection is terrible here but I could pick up the wifi from the hotel next door so it’s all good.  After lunch we went back into the vans and went off to our next destination, which changes every day, but today we worked on a garden in the back of an elementary school.  The work we had to do was just awful, lots of weeding (which I hate) and we worked for almost 2 hours before the kids came out to play, which was an awesome relief because we got to play with them so I actually really enjoyed that.  Then we finally went into the vans once again and headed back to where we’re staying at.  After everyone got resituated, me and a few others went over to the park a few blocks away to play spikeball.  Spikeball is similar to Volleyball with two teams of two but you bounce the ball on a small circular net and try to score on the other team.  This is definitely the highlight of the day, as we spent about 2 hours just playing game after game until we got the text from one of the others telling us that dinner is ready.  Dinner was solid like always and after dinner we had our daily meeting just discussing how the day went and what tomorrow is going to look like (even though it’s probably going to look a lot like today).  We then just hung out in the living room just relaxing, checking phones and all social media apps, I started playing some people in chess, and then right when its getting a tad bit on the late side of the night and people get slightly tired we begin trying to figure out what movie to watch.  “Tommy Boy” was the winner for this particular day and as always I really enjoyed the movie. One of the students here gave lots of us great movies to watch and all of them so far have been absolutely awesome.  Once the movie ends we finally went back upstairs and go in our beds, think we finally went to sleep? Think again.  Since we’re college students we just can’t go to bed without spending a minimum of 30 minutes on our phone, but after this nighttime phone period my blog finally comes to an end because I finally put my phone away and I go to sleep….. The End


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