Top 6 Misconceptions About Food Stamps

By: Laura Pacheco

  1. People use food stamps as a substitute for jobs
    1. Fact: over 60% of people on food stamps who can work, do, and 80-90% work the subsequent or following year.
  2. Food Stamps harm the economy and hurt taxpayers
    1. Fact: Each dollar of taxpayer money generates $1.73 in economic activity, boosting the economy which in turn benefits taxpayers in the long run.
  3. Food Stamp users are drug abusers
    1. Fact: The margin between number of drug users among normal populations and populations that are on food stamps is so small it is considered virtually insignificant
  4. Food Stamp users waste them on other products they don’t need
    1. Fact: Food stamps can only be used to buy food, unfortunately, toiletries and hot meals can not be bought using food stamps, making it difficult for people on welfare to afford things like this.
  5. Food Stamps unfairly go to undocumented immigrants
    1. Fact: Undocumented citizens can not receive many benefits that Citizens do, food stamps is one of these.
  6. Food Stamps cause obesity
    1. Fact: while there is no direct link, with the limited funds food stamps give families: it is easier to afford cheap, processed food than it is to afford fresh, healthy food. This causes many people who are on food stamps to be statistically less healthy than those who aren’t on social welfare.

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