Boat Race

By: Angelo Boone


Today the guys and girls in our group matched up head to head to see who could
build the most efficient raft out of a set amount of wood. The rafts were then tested and raced by Cheyenne and I. As soon a I heard that there was going to be a raft building contest, I got to work. The day before the race, Neil and I began the brainstorming process to try and think of the best way to build a raft that was not only floatable, but easy to maneuver. The outcome was a raft that resembles a catamaran, with three floating logs screwed together on each side.
The next day we began construction. I peaked over to see how the girls were
doing and saw that their plan was to just connect all their floating logs with a few
planks…Weak. Emma walked over to our raft and started insulting us on the complexity of our project. She told us about an acronym, KISS, which means “keep it simple stupid.” She just didn’t understand what we were capable of. About thirty minutes after the girls tested their raft, ours was ready to go.
As soon as I jumped on the raft, it almost flipped completely over and threw me
into the chilly water. I tried a few more times to get on, but it just wasn’t gonna happen. Cheyenne floated effortlessly by me and won the race. Emma’s acronym held true, I was stupid for not keeping it simple, and the rest of the day I was cold, wet, and defeated.

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