Dear Mom

By: Alexa Baer

Dear Mom,

You said you were sick of my lists and that my song didn’t cut it. You wanted me to write in paragraphs. So Mother, being the dutiful daughter I am, here is your paragraphs and sentences constructed in the form of a letter.

First things first (I’m the realist… Jk… but I had to) tell Dad I say hi and I love him. Also, please let him know I appreciate the recipe and if he can save the picture he sent so I can write it down and keep it forever that would be great. Tell Dad I’m fine and I miss him.  Also tell Lewis I love him. Please prepare him for the fact that I will be hugging him when I get back. (I feel that you should make him hug me back seeing as how he hasn’t seen me in two months.) Additionally make sure to tell the dog I love him and pet him for a few extra minutes. And if you can give Trim-Dog an extra treat from me that’d be great.  Please tell the rest of the family I say hi, including, but not limited to, Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.

Honestly Mom I missed you this week. I missed you because this is the first Rosh Hashanah we spent apart. I missed you and the family and even going to temple. It sucked that I couldn’t call you either because I have no cell service here in Mullens, West Virginia. But it’s okay I made it through and next year it will be better. It sucks that I’m not home for the holidays but I miss you, I love you and I’ll be back for Hanukkah :).

This week we cleaned out a school. The girls, Miss Ruby, E. Coder and I all swept and mopped. I know you might not believe that I was cleaning, based on the state of my room. But Mom, I promise, I cleaned. (If you don’t believe me I have witnesses.)  We found at least five dead animals and let me tell you it was gross. There was a dead rat that had disintegrated into the floor, one that was partially disintegrated and one that was beginning to disintegrate. Neil removed them with a shovel. Juliana also odds me to eat rat poison but E. Coder vetoed that one immediately. We also did a bit of heavy lifting but honestly it was worth it because the building looked 100x better once we were done with it.

In addition to cleaning this week we also broke the plumbing for a day at the place where we are staying. Don’t worry, they fixed it but some people did pee outside this week. ALSO. MOM. GUESS WHAT?! I can catch a football. I mean I’ve always been able to but I’ve gotten better at it plus my throws are better than they were in August when you dropped me off at the airport.

Do you know what I miss the most about home? (Besides you people of course). Donuts and ice cream. They definitely do not feed us enough donuts but we do get ice cream sometimes. Like on Monday for dinner we had DQ. It was great. (Don’t worry we get fed fruits and veggies too.)

Okay Mother I think that’s all for now. I love you to the moon and back. And I miss you. ❤


The Best Daughter in the Whole Wide World,


P.S. Thanks for the care package! I loved it!


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