How Much I Thought I Missed Home Until Now

By: Sammy Johnson

This week we are in Mullens, West Virginia. Driving in the Appalachians reminded me so much of my home in North Carolina that I couldn’t help getting a wave of emotions. I knew I missed home all this time. I missed home on NOLS and I missed home throughout the past 3 other weeks, but this was different. I finally recognized something I saw. Seeing something that connects to my home life is the best thing that can happen in my day. Even taking a trip to a Target reminds me of home. Going weeks on end seeing nothing but new scenery and new people was a challenge and a blessing. I chose this gap semester partly to get out of my comfort zone because I knew I’d never get an opportunity to see the things I’d see on this semester again. This semester has taught me that I really never want to leave home again permanently. Familiarity is an important part of my being comfortable. The only familiar thing I have here is the friends I’ve made in this group. They get me through each day very easily.


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