A Week in Alamance County

By: Tommy Nelson

We spent this week in the surrounding area of Elon in North Carolina.  We were given the opportunity to work with many different organizations.  It was really interesting be able to learn about the community that we are going to be spending the next four years of our lives.  One of the places we spent time at this week was the Boys and Girls Club.  There we were given the opportunity to work with varying ages of children.  It reminded me about the time I spent working at a summer camp this past summer.  The kids were instantly excited to see us there and even pulled us in by hand to play with them. I immediately made a connection with one specific boy named Ben.  Ben seemed to struggle socially and with arguing.  He usually was playing alone or individually with a volunteer.  When playing four square he would argue every play that didn’t go his way.  I was able to get through to him with his arguing and was able to get him to listen.  I really look forward to return in January so I can learn more about Ben and more of the children.

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