Best to Worst List of Places to Hang Out During Service-Learning

By: Juliana Siler

  1. Loaf and Jug-Lander, WY: AKA The Chug and Lug. Even though this was not technically a part of Service Learning, it was by far one of the most enjoyable places to go to, especially because it was right after we got out of the woods. Also, I could never remember the name of it, so I called it either the Chug and Lug or the Pug and Tug, you know, whatever works.
  2. Keya Cafe-Cheyenne River Reservation, SD: This was up there because not only was it cheap, it was right next door, and it supported the Rez.
  3. Lucy Lou’s-Mullens, WV: A rather expensive place to eat, but they had the best wifi in the entire town, and they had a nice waitress to talk to.
  4. City Diner, St. Louis, MO: Chey and I went here to write a paper one morning, we ended up not having time to write any of our paper, but we had the best breakfast food in all of St. Louis.
  5. Taco John’s-Cheyenne River Reservation, SD: It’s basically the equivalent of TacoBell, but it doesn’t make you sick. One of only two fast food establishments on the Rez, it was especially cool cause our friend Kobe works there, and he also goes to the CRYP to play basketball.
  6. 7/11- St. Louis, MO: Also in St. Louis, only a couple blocks away from our house, it was the best place to buy overpriced snacks and slurpees.
  7. The Wifi Room in the MOC-Mullens, WV: The wifi room in the MOC was a very nice place to hang out, however it was typically overcrowded by Gappers and the wifi went out a lot.
  8. City Park- Burlington, NC: We can’t technically walk there from where we’re staying, but they put in a new playground near the aquatic center which is quite lovely.
  9. The gym of the MOC-Mullens, WV: Technically our eating area, very few places that were clean enough to sit, not the nicest place to hang out.
  10. Mr Nice Guys- St. Louis, MO: Chey and I thought it was a gas station where she could get Tommy a birthday present, it was definitely not a gas station. Also not a good part of town. Also a very long walk. Not a good place to chill. Do not go to Mr. Nice Guys.



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