Dear Mom

By: Alexa Baer

Dear Mom,

Neil was nice to me twice today. The Rangers and the Dodgers won. We also had Mac and Cheese for dinner. It was a great day.

So this week we volunteered at the boys and girls club in Burlington and there’s this boy named Joe. He is literally so adorable Mom and I want to go back every day just to play with him.

We also helped build a house the other day with Habitat for Humanity. I enjoyed when they let me paint. I was with the crew that was working on the roof in the beginning. Don’t worry though, I never actually went up on the roof. People from Elon also came to film and interview us for a Gap video that they’re posting on the Elon website. They didn’t interview everyone but they interviewed me so keep a look out for me on the website!

Today I was fasting for Yom Kippur and we went and got milkshakes for lunch. I really wanted to break my fast and get a milkshake but I didn’t. This year celebrating the Jewish holidays was hard. It was also the first year in five years that we didn’t attend Kol Nidre together.

I just got off the phone with you and Dad and I cannot wait to come home and see you guys. I’ve missed y’all so much. We met Evan’s dog today and it made me miss Tron even more.

I’m glad Gramps is doing better; tell him and Grandma I love them. Also if you could let Nana know I’m alive that’d be great.

I don’t know when this blog post will go up but I just want you guys to know no matter what I love you and I’m having fun!





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