By: Angelo Boone

The service chapter of my Gap semester has come to a humbled end. I have learned much more than I ever thought I would during this chapter. When entering the service-learning chapter of the semester, I expected more service than learning and ironically the exact opposite happened. The places and communities we visited very much appreciated our presence and help; however, it was very clear that they had a lot more to offer than we did. I know that other in this cohort have a variety of feelings about how this experience has impacted them, so I thought it would be fun
for people to “sum-up” their Gap experiences in a three letter acronym-GAP.
Side Note- I do not believe that these acronyms genuinely reflect people’s views of their experience. Most of them are ridiculous and have no authenticity whatsoever.
Elizabeth: Get Along People
Brendan: Grumpy and Plumpy
Neil: Genuine And Prestigious
Cheyenne: Grimmy and Proud
Mary: Grouse And Pika
Sammy: Gross And Pungent
Juliana: Great Awesome People
Tommy: Girls Are Problems
Alexa: Gassy A** People
Noah: Global Application Program
Laura: Go Away, Predispositions
Emmerson: Great And Profound
Nate: Gimme A Pony
Me: Gifted Athletic People


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