Gap Questionnaire

By: Brendan Gallagher

Favorite song: 

Jules: I don’t know (too many good songs)

Noah: Stadium Arcadium by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Alexa: Black Magic by little mix

Emerson: Forever by Drake

Cheyenne: Home by Edward sharp and the magnetic zeros

Tommy: lemme freak by Lil Dicky

Sammy: Shine by years and years

Mary: Under the bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Angelo: Got it like that by Pell/ G-Eazy

Nate: Lucky be a lady by Sinatra 

Laura: Southern Sun by Boy and Bear

Neil: anything Zac Brown Band

B (me): Ps and Qs by Lil Uzi Vert


Favorite movie/book:  

Nate: movie: Good Will Hunting

Jules: anything with Sylvester Stallone 

Noah: movie: Singing in the Rain 

book: The Desperado who stole baseball 

Alexa: book(s): Percy Jackson Series and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Cheyenne: movie: The Sandlot

Tommy: movie: Shawshank Redemption

Angelo: movie: Shawshank Redemption 

book: The tipping point by Malcolm Gladwell

Sammy: movie: Crimson Peak

Emerson: movie: Fight Club

Mary: movie:Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Laura: movie: Almost Famous

Neil: movie: Miracle 

B (Me): The Usual Suspects


Two favorite hobbies:  

Nate: writing & soccer

Jules: sleep & reading

Noah: exercising & watching movies 

Alexa: reading and sports

Cheyenne: crossfit & rec sports

Angelo: duck hunting & wake boarding 

Tommy: snowboarding and Spikeball 

Sammy: reading & watching movies

Emerson: listening to music & playing sports 

Mary: gymnastics & painting

Laura: music and art

Neil: playing golf and playing hockey 

B (Me): Spikeball and ping pong


Favorite dessert:

Nate: a good carrot cake

Jules: brownies

Noah: special K with super calcium skim deluxe (the kind you get at food lion)

Neil: brownies

Alexa: ice cream

Emerson: brownie sundae

Cheyenne: strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (homemade of course)

Tommy: mint chocolate chip ice cream

Sammy: strawberry cake

Mary: deep fried oreos

Laura: chocolate cake

Angelo: ice cream sunday 

B (Me): cheesecake


Favorite part about GAP: 

Cheyenne: being somewhere new

Nate: the constant self-growth and manifestation of my own personal universal understanding or the really comfortable sleeping arrangements (sarcasm)

Jules: the people 

Noah: NOLS 

Neil: the travel abroad opportunity 

Alexa: the experiences

Tommy: traveling 

Sammy: getting to know people on a deeper level

Emerson: meeting everyone and getting to know everyone better 

Mary: getting to travel and experience new places

Laura: new perspectives on everything 

Angelo: Spain

B (Me): learning about the specific problems of these varying US areas and getting to know this unique group of individuals 


What profession u would want when you’re older: 

Cheyenne: sports medicine

Nate: professional life-liver or astronaut 

Jules: I don’t know

Noah: movie critic (Ebert jr.)

Neil: something business related 

Alexa: Journalist/Editor

Tommy: undecided 

Angelo: entrepreneur

Sammy: obstetrician/gynecologist 

Emerson: undecided 

Mary: elementary school teacher

Laura: actress

B (Me): anything involving sports


Hardest problem on GAP: 

Cheyenne: patience with living with 15 people at all times 

Nate: my motivation for showering 

Jules: Boulder fields (on NOLS)

Noah: creating expectations for people which may or may not have turned out how I expected

Neil: getting to know people 

Alexa: the way time exists

Emerson: 3rd week of NOLS, right in the middle of the woods

Tommy: being away for so long

Sammy: evacuation during NOLS 

Mary: 2nd day of NOLS 

Angelo: political differences

Laura: Getting used to a new lifestyle 

B (Me): getting accustomed to life in the wilderness


Preferred dorm at Elon: 

Cheyenne: Danieley

Nate: global 

Jules: global

Noah: colonnades 

Neil: historic 

Alexa: Nades or Global

Emerson: Global

Angelo: historic 

Mary: global or historic

Sammy: global

Tommy: Smith in historic 

Laura: Danieley

B (Me): Historic


If you weren’t going to Elon and had to pick one college to attend what would it be? 

Cheyenne: Stanford

Nate: film at NYU

Jules: Elon 

Noah: Wake Forest

Neil: Notre Dame

Alexa: university of Arizona 

Emerson: U of Michigan Deerborn


Angelo: Wake Forest

Sammy: Boston college

Tommy: Duke (in my dreams)/ High Point

Laura: NYU 


Siblings & ethnicity:

Cheyenne: one younger sister & Caucasian 

Nate: two younger sisters & Caucasian/unknown 

Jules: Younger brother & Italian, German, Irish 

Noah: Younger brother & 50% german 

Neil: older sister & mix of European descent

Alexa: one younger brother; Does Jewish count? 

Emerson: 3  younger sisters & 50% Italian/ 50% polish

Tommy: older sister & Irish, German, Italian, English 

Angelo: younger brother & 75% Italian 

Sammy: twin sister and one brother, Irish 

Mary: 1 older brother and Korean 

Laura: 2 Triplets and Puerto Rican

B (Me): younger brother, 75% Irish & 25% French


Religious beliefs (optional): 

Cheyenne: Southern Baptist

Nate: Nateitarian (accepting of all)

Jules: Christian

Mary: Catholic 

Emerson: Unitarian Universalist

Sammy: atheist 

Angelo: Catholic

Tommy: episcopalian

Laura: undecided

Neil: Catholic

Noah: Agnostic 

B (Me): Catholic/Unitarian Universalist


What you’re most looking forward to about returning home this week: 

Cheyenne: seeing all of my family

Nate: seeing my sisters or my own bed

Jules: my bed & my dog

Noah: seeing how life has changed for other people

Neil: seeing the family 

Alexa: My family

Tommy: seeing my family 

Mary: visiting my boyfriend in Maine

Laura: Seeing my friends, family, and Cat

Angelo: UT vs Bama football game

Sammy: seeing my boyfriend

Emerson: seeing all my old friends 

B (Me): seeing my family and my buddies 


What skill have you developed the most from these first 2/3 of gap experience: 

Nate: first aid skills 

Jules: trucker’s hitch’s

Neil: dealing with adversity 

Cheyenne: being open about my life

Noah: seeing life through a new perspective, a more diverse group of people

Alexa: outdoor living skills

Angelo: faster with writing papers

Sammy: talking to new people

Mary: being vulnerable and opening up to others

Emerson: willingness and openness with others 

Laura: Coming out of my shell

Tommy: Spikeball 

B (Me): verbal communication skills


Biggest concern about returning to campus a semester late: 

Cheyenne: being behind on pre-med course work

Nate: none 

Jules: bad roommate 

Noah: not being able to make the most of the opportunities a full first year student would have

Neil: getting readjusted to the conventional classroom setting 

Alexa: getting involved

Tommy: credits

Mary: not knowing much about campus

Sammy: not knowing the campus layout 

Emerson: not really knowing anyone

Angelo: finding the right people

Laura: Having trouble finding friends

B (Me): balancing my social life with academics


Favorite sport: 

Cheyenne: baseball

Nate: soccer 

Jules: baseball

Neil: hockey 

Noah: baseball 

Nate: soccer

Juliana: baseball

Alexa: Baseball/Hockey

Sammy: none 

Emerson: basketball & soccer 

Mary: gymnastics

Angelo: lacrosse

Tommy: football 

Laura: baseball 

B (Me): tennis

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