Top 10 Movies Watched on Gap

By: Emerson Loria

How the list was made: I asked everyone in the Gap program what were their 3 favorite movies that they watched during the program, regardless if they had seen it previously.  I kept track of how many times each movie was listed out of everyone and I also took note on how strongly each person felt towards each movie.  That way 1 movie that one person really loved will outweigh 1 movie one person kind of liked.  If a tie occurred, (there were 8 movies fighting for the last 3 spots)  I would put the movie with the highest IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes rating since I felt the experts should be consulted for that situation… ENJOY!

10. Saving Private Ryan: With a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, Saving Private Ryan was only able to snag the very last spot on the list.  Although only nominated by one person, their enthusiasm for this movie was able to get it in the running.  This war film is not only a timeless classic, but a fantastic movie that is sure to be enjoyed by almost anyone.

9. Goodfellas: This movie is actually on the top of my list of movies I want to eventually see; perhaps this is why it is only number 9. This is a movie that multiple people have said to me is “an awesome movie and awesome acting,” this Italian mobster movie is certainly a must see for myself and should be a must see for you as well.

8. Godfather Part II: One of my personal all time favorites, and is the 3rd greatest movie ever according to IMDB, is the incredible story of The Godfather part 2.  Although very long, and subtitles are a must, (unless you can speak Italian) this movie tells a wonderful story about the strongest and most influential family in the mafia, and how crazy things can get in the mafia.

7. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Trust me when I say that the seventh Harry Potter being number 7 is simply a coincidence, it wasn’t something I did intentionally.  Before the gap program I had never seen or read a single Harry Potter, so when the movie industry blew up within the group and made it a top series for me to watch.  Although I have only finished the first 4, I have already greatly enjoyed the series and expect nothing but incredible from the finale.  Although not mentioned by many, this movie is loved by just about everyone here and one even said “this movie has the greatest finale ever by TV show or movie.”  Pretty bold statement but I wouldn’t be surprised if I say the exact same thing when I finally watch it.

6. Miracle: At the beginning of Gap many wanted to hear what everyone’s favorite movies were.  Without hesitation, Neil said Miracle, not everyone had seen this sports classic so it didn’t take long for Neil to show the others his all time favorite movie.  After the movie, almost everyone who saw it really enjoyed it, and is the biggest reason why its number 6 on the list.  Neil was able to grow the fan base and with that, the people mentioned this great movie enough to give it a solid spot on the list.

5. The Green Mile: Early in our travel week we bought some cheap movies at Wal-Mart to watch during our long drives, one of which was The Green Mile.  The next night almost all of us gathered around the TV that we had at the church we were sleeping at and watched it.  Just about everyone really enjoyed it, and with a phenomenal story many of us cried at the end (including Alexa who only saw the last 15 minutes).  This is one of those movies that will put a smile on your face but bring tears shortly after, a classic, and a movie I personally recommend to all.

4. Django Unchained: Anyone who is big into movies should have no shock seeing a Quentin Tarantino movie on this list.  Django is a magnificent movie about a slave who is freed and then kills criminals for money.  It is certainly on the gory side of movies, but nonetheless this movie is a wonderful story, a fantastic cast, and some very well done acting.

3. Seven: Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt, you already have a good movie right there, but a mind blowing story with an absolutely fantastic ending will give you the title of classic and legendary.  Seven is about two detectives who try to catch a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins to justify their actions.  Just the plot alone is fascinating, but this movie still manages to be even better than it sounds, and it is no wonder that it was on so many people’s list.

2. Fight Club: I know I just said that Seven was mind blowing, and it is, but Fight Club blows Seven out of the waters in terms of mind blowing. This movie has recently become one of my all time favorites simply because of how much it made me rethink our world.  This movie makes you reconsider you views on movies in general, our country, our world, and your life, a movie that can do all that clearly deserves some recognition.  To prevent spoilers all I will say is that this movie is about much more than a fight club, but according to fight club I’m already breaking the first rule… and the second.

Honorable mentions: sorry, these movies are fantastic and deserve this mention but were cut simply from lower ratings on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes since many movies were tied for the last 3 spots on the list.

Saving Private Ryan, Frozen, X-men: Apocalypse, everybody wants some, The Notebook, When Harry met Sally

And in first place….American History X: This movie was tied with the most amount of times being on a list, but what set this movie apart was the fact that everyone who mentioned it was very enthusiastic about it.  This movie has some fans that truly appreciate it and know how to express their love for it, which is exactly why it takes the number 1 spot on this list.  Neo Nazis with a great story has been proven to be a recipe for greatness, and a recipe that everyone should try because this dish is something you very rarely

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