Another Culture

By: Tommy Nelson

Entering another culture was very intimidating to me at first.  I was extremely nervous and excited to get here. I was mostly nervous about the family that I was set to live with for the next month.  I don’t know Spanish and it was scary to think about having to live with a family and try to communicate with them.  All my worries were relieved when I met them.  While it is still difficult to communicate, we have developed a number of different ways to understand each other. Hand gestures are number one, being used for absolutely any and everything.  For eating and sleeping and many other things it’s easy to throw up a gesture and have them understand.  The next tactic is Google translate.  In a way, this feels like cheating though, because it doesn’t help me learn the language.  Even in the week that I have been here I have learned so much of the language. While I can’t put sentences together and speak yet, it is very useful to know enough basic words so that they can be pulled out of conversations.  I’m very glad to have gotten the family I did and have them treat me as if I was their own.

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