Diez Amores de España

By: Noah Zaiser

As a collective whole, Spain has so much to offer, even in the relatively small city of Alicante. Not only is the culture unique, but also the experiences. I’m very thankful to say that I’ve been immersed into an experience like none other in my life, and I believe I can sum this statement up with ten of my favorite things about Spain (also for non-Spanish speakers, the title means “10 Loves of Spain”).

  1. The Language – Beautifully spoken, precise and difficult all at once
  2. The People – Well dressed, friendly, and always willing to have a good time
  3. The Dogs – On any given day, you will see citizens walking their dogs everywhere
  4. My Host Family -Although they exclusively speak Spanish, we have great conversation and they are unbelievably patient with a “Gringo” like myself
  5. Night Life – The City of Alicante truly comes alive after 11, the social aspect during this time is phenomenal and it’s been a genuinely interesting experience to be a part of it
  6. The Food – How could I skip this important aspect? Empanadas, Pollo con Queso, Fruitas Frescas; it’s not hard to see that I’ve been eating well courtesy of this country
  7. The Walking – Driving around everywhere in America gets old occasionally. With walking being a good option aside of public transportation, I’ve been able to appreciate the sights and general day-to-day life of the city I temporarily call home
  8. The Learning Curve- It’s certainly not easy to learn a language that one doesn’t practice often, but the challenge makes a successful exchange with someone all the more satisfying
  9. Siestas (Naps) – No matter how old I get, I will always love to sleep. Here, it is customary to take a nap in the middle of the day, and trust me when I say that I take full advantage of that statement on a daily basis
  10. Experiences – Sure, I can have good experiences in the United States, but living in Spain has given me a unique opportunity to do things I’ve never done before. At home a new activity would be walking to work. Here, a new experience would be having your host family serve you a glass of wine alongside your dinner at 10 o’clock.

So there you have it. Ten reasons I love Spain, and a brief explanation as to why. I could go on, but there’s too much to see and do in order to form a more concise list. Thankful is an understatement. Few people get an opportunity such as this at such a young age and I know that even with the first week here, it’s an experience I will not soon forget.


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