English to Spanish

By: Angelo Boone

I have always wanted to learn new language. That is I why I have been especially excited for this chapter of the Gap semester. I knew that coming to Spain would be a challenging yet great opportunity for me to be emerged in a new culture and to begin to learn a new language. One thing that I underestimated was how hard the Spanish barrier was actually going to be. I only know a few words and phrases in Spanish and my host family knows almost zero English. This barrier has its ups and downs, but it has given me an awesome opportunity to practice my Spanish. My teacher said something the other day that really got me interested in pursuing learning a new language beyond these next few weeks in Spain. He said “language is how people code their own reality.” To be able to fully appreciate and assimilate into a new culture, one must be able to speak the language. It has been fun thus far using a translator or charades as a means to communicate with people, but I look forward to the day where I can have simple conversations with people without the need for those tools.

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