Mi Familia

By: Emerson Loria

Papa- my host dad is a very helpful and kind gentleman that isn’t afraid to help out any way possible.  He is always in a happy mood and is always interested in how everyone’s day went; truly a great father and a wonderful person.

Mama- my host mother is a bit more on the quiet side, not always one to talk at the dinner table or start a conversation.  But besides her quiet personality she really is something special, I always see her helping out where she can, whether its dishes or laundry, she is always ready to help anyone at anything.

Carlos- this boy is a fan of many video games, most of which I also share a love for, so getting along with Carlos was very easy.  We occasionally play video games together and have a wonderful time after he does his homework.  Carlos is also a very smart student, a few years ago he quit soccer to do better in school and you can quickly see the results.  If you try to talk to Carlos in English he will surely mention how his English is not that good.  But after a 30 minute English conversation without a single problem pronouncing or understanding a single word you begin to notice just how smart he is.  Not only is he smart and able to converse about multiple subjects, but he can do it in two languages with almost no problems.


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