Rules of Abuela’s House

By: Juliana Siler

  1. No matter how much you just ate, you must always eat more.
  2. Never go to bed with your hair wet. It makes you susceptible to colds and I think she said sleep demons.
  3. You must always open your shutters as soon as you wake up to enjoy the daylight
  4. Never walk around in bare feet, otherwise you’ll get a cold and you’ll die.
  5. Everything has it’s place. The folded up sweatshirt on the chest is not in its place. If you don’t put it in it’s place (hanging on the back of the desk chair) Abuela will put it in its place for you.
  6. You are by no means allowed to help in the kitchen. It’s not that she thinks you’re a bad cook, she’s just a good grandma, you get pampered. Enjoy it.
  7. Even if you know no Spanish, you have to talk in Spanish. Then she tells you to type it into Google Translate anyway, it’s a process.
  8. Never walk alone. I get told to walk with Lilli’s daughter (Alexa) at least four times a day.
  9. You CAN go to bed before one, but you shouldn’t. Abuela likes to stay up until four am watching game shows and then asks if you understand them. Not yet Abuela, not yet.
  10. Meet in the kitchen at 9 o’clock sharp for dinner, unless you’re going out, then she says have fun, adios!
  11. She doesn’t care what your other plans are, you have to go to Benidorm at least once if you’re American. She says it’s like a mini New York.

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