Top 5 Aspects of Spain Thus Far (In No Particular Order)

By: Brendan Gallagher

  1. Homestay family: My homestay family was very welcoming from the start and have taught me the language comprehensively. The food variety is the main way I can diversity my appetite. My room here is also much cleaner than my room at home, which is a temporary habit I can maintain.
  2. Friendliness of strangers: I have tried to practice my Spanish when asking directions and have encountered a combination of Catalan, a derivative of Spanish, and the native language Spanish.
  3. Siesta after the lunch: Naps are strongly encouraged nationally after the family lunch hour. Sleeping is one of my top three hobbies and it is relieving to get this opportunity during the day without being scolded.
  4. Scenery- The Santa Barbara Castle was beautiful the other night as we were able to hike to the top and view the entire city of Alicante. Yesterday we got to witness the town of Guadalest and its famous castle, which exposed our group to the beauty of the distant mountain range.
  5. Weather: Rain is a fair throughout the fall and winter with current temperatures from around 60-70 degrees fahrenheit daily. The winters are mild year in and year out, which is an ideal upgrade from the chilly Massachusetts winters.

These are five of the several notable perks of the country of Spain and I am eager to dive into deeper detail as the weeks continue.


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