Dear Mom

By: Alexa Baer

Dear Mom and Dad,

Great news! I’m no longer sick!! However I think I might have given my cold to Laura… Oops.



They have a Dunkin Donuts in Alicante. It’s at least a mile and a half from the apartment but honestly it’s worth it. Their Oreo donuts are the best donuts I’ve had in my life. The only reasons I haven’t wasted all my money there yet is because one, it’s a walk and two, I don’t know when they open.

So the Dunkin here is a little different then the one at home. I got hot tea and they gave me a tea packet and hot water. Also the donuts are different. I haven’t tried the coffee yet but I’ll let you know how it is when/if I do.

ALSO. Can we take the time to acknowledge that they put a Dunkin in Alicante, SPAIN; yet RDU (the airport we flew out of after service) Only has a Starbucks? In addition, THERE WERE NO DUNKINS in the Midwest. As you you can see I am very troubled by the lack of Dunkin Donuts in our country. Maybe I can convince them to put one on campus… But probably not.

Okay now that I have completely vented about my Dunkin donuts situation… Please let Gramps know I am making smart choices and I’m fine. And tell Grandma I say thanks for sticking up for me and supporting my decision to go out and explore. Thanks Grandma!

I love you guys too! Tell the dog I say hi and tell your son I love him! Tell Nana I say hi and I love her.



PS: Mom. Can you at least consider some of the recipes I’ve shared for Thanksgiving?


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