Important Spanish Words

By: Brendan Gallagher

  1. Siesta- as I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, the naps are vital in Spanish society and this has been my most common post-lunch afternoon activity
  2. Aseo-bathroom: baño was the word for bathroom in my high school Spanish class, but aseo is the Spain word that foreigners like us need to know for obvious reasons
  3. Entender- to understand: very important word to use when confirming or denying if you have understood the previous Spanish dialogue
  4. Bocadillo- sandwich: lunch isn’t a huge meal but a meat and cheese sandwich between classes has been a filling “snack”, and my mom also uses the sandwich-making method for my mobile lunches at the beach
  5. Saber- translates to “to know” in English and has been very important when asking and answering questions. I.e: Yo no sé- I don’t know. ¿Tú sabes… Do you know…

(Sunset at the beach in Alicante)




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