One of My Favorite Everyday Things About Spain

By: Sammy Johnson

When I thought of coming to Spain and using the public transportation everyday to get to school I was very nervous. I was even scared. Speaking little Spanish makes it hard to be able to ask common day questions. If I ever found trouble riding the tram, I’d have to battle my way speaking broken Spanish sentences to a stranger and hope they understand me. As it turns out, riding the tram is one of my favorite things to do. I love walking by myself down the street with headphones in to the tram stop. It is a daily ritual I find soothing. Even if I had a bad morning, I’d always get that walk to the tram stop with my music. To be able to sit on the tram, know what I’m doing, and be sure that everything will be okay is very comforting to me. It brings a sense of independence I haven’t felt before. It’s college life. Riding the tram for the 18 minutes it takes to get from my house to the school also allows me to people watch. I’ve successfully mastered the skill of picking out Americans from the Alicante residents. If a person is carrying an iPhone, good chances are they are from America. Most Spaniards don’t have apple phones. If a person is carrying a Nalgene or using a northface/osprey backpack, they are most likely American as well. I myself stand out as an American very easily. I know so because I’ve had strangers come up to me asking, “Where are you from?” in English. It is a comfort finding an English speaking person in Spain. It makes me feel less alone in times if feel like I’m just a person in a crowd of people that I have no clue what they are saying.


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