Sometimes It’s Okay to Get Lost

By: Juliana Siler

When you spend a day walking around Alicante by yourself you encounter a lot of things. My day started at around 9:30 this morning in the McCafe by the beach drinking a coffee. The McCafe is nice here because it’s an actual cafe beside the McDonalds. I sat by myself at the back table in the cafe and decided to people watch for a while, about ten minutes into my people watching I noticed a man about six tables ahead of me staring dead at me all while picking his nose, he wasn’t even trying to hide it. So I took the rest of my coffee on the road because he was a little weird. From there I decided to go shopping and tried to find my way to the main shopping street that we saw on our tour of the city day. I wasn’t able to find the street, which probably worked out because none of the rest of the shops I passed were open anyway. I headed back down towards the beach to do some souvenir shopping and was able to find exactly what I wanted. Next I decided to look in a different part of the town to find the shopping street since shops were starting to open up, once again, I had no such luck. However this led me into the historic district of Alicante with white stucco buildings and hanging gardens, it looked like a scene from a movie. It was at this point that I found a garden from 1855, so I sat and contemplated my day for a while. When I left the garden I realized that I had forgotten which direction I had come from, so I just wandered around for awhile until I realized that I had reached the backside of the Mercado. I then meandered along the street in the general direction of Plaza Luceros, I looked in some department stores, figured out that grunge is still really big in Spain, and then continued on my way. As I left the Plaza Luceros circle I found a random art festival, and I couldn’t tell if you had to pay to get in, so I just wandered in and decided to stay until I got kicked out. I looked at some local artists art, saw lots of paintings from around the city, had a great time, and luckily never got kicked out. Today I learned that sometimes it’s okay to get lost, because you’ll have a great time finding your way back home.


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